After the transition period (purple) September to Phone Number List the present: seo tools = 880 search volume monthly average seo tool = 'no-data' search volume monthly average The sum is 880. That is why the current update in 2017 is in any case Phone Number List preferable to the 'intermediate phase' way, for in this period the search volumes were inflated by addition. But if you now blindly sail on the AdWords tool, you no longer know that 'SEO tool' is also an important word. Fortunately, in Google search console you still see traffic coming in on Phone Number List both variants. Below a screenshot of the traffic on both words for our site SEO Effect.

Search console does show data And Phone Number List both keyword variants also have their own organic SERP: difference rankings seo tool and seo tools The top 10 in the search results do differ somewhat For AdWords you can Phone Number List live with the fact that both are combined, but for organic search certainly not . And the search intent behind a singular and plural form will also often differ. Someone looking for the 'iphone cases' Phone Number List may have a different intention than someone looking for 'iphone cases'.

Problem 3: Google changes Phone Number List your seed keyword on its own. See the 'chocolate' example again. Google turns this seed keyword 'chocolate' into the keyword tool 'chocolate'. Just by itself. A kind of autosuggest or spell Phone Number List correction in the tool. I've seen this for dozens of keywords now. Even with mistakes. For example, Google makes 'link building' the American 'link building', while that is incorrectly Dutch. Could be a bug of course, but always keep an eye out. keywordplanner chocolate-chocolate Phone Number List range values ​​You see that Google adjusts the word without you asking. Why is Google doing this?